"Ed's vast knowledge of the forms and mechanics of drumming is complemented by his ability to articulate new concepts in understandable ways." "He articulates his deep understanding of the time and space of drumming through both instruction and demonstration. The experience of seeing and hearing Ed relay the fundamentals of a particular lesson or exercise not only instructs but inspires as well." "Ed breaks down the complexities of drumming, and of music in general, into accessible, easily understood components, yet stresses the importance of "feel" and the organic rhythms that grow from these structures and forms.' 

Marty Sheriden, NY

"You've just got to pick yourself up and take lessons to learn the things that are not working. There are tons of drummers that I played with who deserve thanks, like Myron Grombacher and Mark Craney. And there was this drummer in New York City named Ed Bettinelli, who helped me a lot. We sat up at the Drummers Collective for five hours a day for two weeks and just practiced. When I went back to the band they noticed a big difference. Ed helped me develop better chops that really helped me get my confidence back."
(Modern Drummer February 91 "Cinderella's Fred Coury")

"Ed pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses and can tell you specifically what exercises to do in order to improve on them. Ed provides space and direction for you to express your self creatively.
What I appreciate most about learning from Ed is his willingness to share his knowledge and his talent as a musician as well as a teacher."
Jenny Barbosa, NY


"Ed emphasizes rudimentary elements, which I find the key to learning any instrument and he keeps it interesting and challenging by creating multiple exercises to tackle simultaneously. Listening to Ed play at the beginning of a lesson, especially when I've been having some trouble with something is often my motivation to keep trying harder. Even when fumbling through the simplest of exercises, Ed creates a relaxed atmosphere that gives me the ability to brush off mistakes and keep trying without embarrassment."
Carra Pelc, NYC

"As I walked through the Hells Kitchen section of Manhattan to the first lesson I heard this loud rumble coming from the end of the street. It sounded like a marching band was having rehearsal. I soon found out that it was Ed causing the entire ruckus. Ed got me excited about drumming again! The most important thing is that he has inspired me to be a better player."
Ryan Pollastro, NYC

"I have been studying with Ed for a year and my playing has improved in this past year than my previous six (combined) of playing. Ed has helped me develop control and precision, always stressing the importance of listening to the melody and maintaining a strong groove. Ed has an amazing ability to recognize a particular problem or weakness in a student's playing and offer encouraging practical " playing " applications to help resolve those problems or weaknesses.
Most importantly Ed's teaching focuses on the importance of musicality. Ed stresses the importance of precision and overall control of the instrument but does this within a framework whereby the drums are treated as an instrument that should be played melodically."

Tony Banks, NY

Hi Ed,

Sophia is loving her lessons and is asking if she can take two lessons a week. Do you have time this week? Also, she wants to come to hear you play but didn't capture the details of location and time. She thinks it is Thursday somewhere in Tarrytown.

Thanks! Nicole

Hey Eddie,

Jeff and I were just talking about what a wonderful teacher you are and how influential you were to Kevin's playing and his sense of himself as a musician. We are so thankful to have found you when we moved to Chappaqua. Kevin is not always so great about keeping in touch (a little like Jeff to be honest) but he really loves seeing you when that happens. Thanks so much for helping Kevin become, not only the musician he is but the man he is. Lots of love. 

Trish and Jeff Myers

If you listen deeply, there's always something to embrace in every style of music!

A Personal Note.

 I find music that inspires me the most is music that is saturated with heart and soul. I look at beats and fills as words and grooves as sentences. I try to orchestrate patterns that support the storyline of the song I'm playing (never forfeiting feel for a fill). It's important to be well-read as a player with a strong musical vocabulary. Try to listen to as many different styles of music as possible. Keep in mind that just because you have an extensive musical vocabulary (chops, tricks & licks) doesn't mean you have to use them all to make your musical point (less is more). Always remember to be aware of creating a groove/feel using dynamics and phrasing as your primary goal. Listening = learning, and is by far the most important element/skill we can have as a player. Listening gives the player topic(rhythmic and melodic information), to better formulate an opinion with better intelligence, and understanding of what he or she(the player) is trying to communicate through their instrument.

Drummers we must know!

Some drummers that have inspired/influenced me (keeping me in the woodshed) are; Tony Williams, Steve Gadd, Elvin Jones, Art Blakey,

Philly Joe Jones, Roy Hannes, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mitch Mitchel, Clyde Stubblefield, Jabo Starks, Jack DeJohnette, Jim Keltner, Bernard Purdie, Levon Helm, David Garibaldi, Airto, Mike Clark, Keith Carlock, Ringo Star, Bill Stewart, Brian Blades, Cindy Blackmen, Antonio Sanchez, Jeff Tain Watts, Quest Love , and Nate Smith to name a few. 

Thank you for visiting my site.

Ed Bettinelli

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